'Somewhere Else' and 'Creepy' on 12" blue and 10" black vinyl


- 'Somewhere Else' EP on limited 12" transparent blue vinyl
- Two vinyl exclusive acoustic tracks
- Digital download card

Track listing

Side A:
- Cold Hands
- The Lovers
- Lost and Forgotten
- Beauty in Darkness
- The Western Shore

Side B:
- The Lovers (Acoustic)
- Cold Hands (Acoustic)

Uncle M Records

Cover art by Gingerdope Photography


- 'Creepy' EP on 180g 10" black vinyl.

Originally released digitally in September 2013 and pressed on vinyl in 2014.

Very limited quantity remaining.

Side A:
- Deadlock
- I Don't Want This
- Planning To Fail

Side B:
- Carry On
- Testing Times

Cover art by Sydney Emery.

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